Max Brickman: ‘Venturing’ Into New Territory

Max Brickman: ‘Venturing’ Into New Territory

It can be said that the key to a good education is finding what works for each individual student. For Max Brickman, what worked was starting and running businesses – while in both high school and college. He has gone from those entrepreneurial beginnings to today serving as managing director of the Heartland Ventures venture capital firm.

Heartland and Brickman focus on bringing together successful, often closely held Indiana operations with coastal technologies. All can benefit – from the Hoosier companies’ access to technologies and potential customers to some of those national organizations “feeling like they are missing out on something in the Midwest” and at times setting up additional operations here.

Brickman is 28 years old. Heartland has invested in seven organizations through its $15 million first fund. Expansion is taking place. Learn more in this conversation.

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